Marcos y Cordero

Departure from the visitors centre in Los Tilos to the Mount house. Length of the journey 1 hour. We will be able to admire a great variety of botany between 600 to 1,000 meters with reference to the laurel forest. Then, the landscape will change and we will be able to observe the famous Canarian pine.

Once finished this route with the taxi service, it starts the path which will allow tourists to visit “Los Nacientes de Marcos y Cordero”. The access to those has 13 tunnels, all of them numbered. The use of torches is a must since some tunnels do not have any kind of external lighting. Afterwards, we will go down to visit the viewpoint called “Espigón Atravesado”. Finally, we will go back to the starting point.

Taxi hacia Marcos y Corderos. Ruta de Marcos y Corderos. Taxi en Los Sauces

Taxi Marcos y Cordero

Enjoy the Marcos y Cordero trail with us
Necessary material
  • Flashlight
  • Suitable footwear
  • Oilskin
  • We have a helmet rentals